Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Death Of Business Intelligence

Dear Readers,
Today morning I saw an interesting article by Dan Woods at with an interesting title “The Death Of Business Intelligence” I found it really impressive.
I am putting first two paragraphs and a link to complete article bellow.

The Death Of Business Intelligence
During the presidential election, CNN anchor John King danced around the newsroom in front of gigantic multi-touch screens, tapping states and moving information around with his hands. He showed a way of analyzing information that is applicable to almost every business.
King did not have to plan his presentations. He could respond to unanticipated questions from reporters and interviewers with a spontaneous narrative that used the information presented in the visual display to help him tell a story. He did not yell backstage, "I need to answer this list of questions, so please prepare reports for me." When a new train of thought came to him, he could jump right on and use the display to show what he was thinking or discover new information that led in new directions. King also didn't stand by and have someone else run the display--he did it himself--and he had access to the latest data read more...

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