Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brainiac: QlikView feature in Time Magazine


I recently saw coverage of QlikView in Time magazine


In the feature article titled the "Braniac" QlikView is strongly positioned and credited for "Making search much more like your brain--and applying it to business analysis". This compelling article is centered around a lively interview with QlikView CEO, Lars Bjork ,  


Read the article. Click on the link below.,9171,1912425-1,00.html


Monday, July 20, 2009

Introduction to QlikView Developer for Personal Use

  • "Free Personal Developer"can create unlimited number of QlikView Document (.qvw files) and can use those documents on his local machine where it as originally created.
  • Documents created by a "Free Personal Developer"can't be shared with other free developers.
  • Documents created by "Free Personal Developer"can be used by licensed developer.
  • Documents created by licensed developer cannot be used by "Free Personal Developer".
  • Documents created by "Free Personal Developer"can be loaded onto a fully licensed QlikView server and can be used by licensed user.
  • When using a QlikView developed by a free developer, licensed developers will be restricted in their use of QlikView. If they break a restriction, they "take ownership" of the document and it cannot be opened by the original free developer.
  • Once licensed developer will use document created by a "Free Personal Developer" they need to "take ownership "of of the document and it cannot be opened by original free developer.

Restrictions on Free Personal Developer

  • Only open your OWN QlikView documents
  • Import layout
  • "Include" in script
  • Outside automation
  • Pasting more than one object at a time
  • Ignore command-line parameters

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